Martinez v. Malloy Press Kit

Every child deserves to go to a quality public school that helps him or her achieve the American Dream. Unfortunately, for too many students in Connecticut and across the country, that isn’t the reality. That’s why a group of parents and students filed Martinez v. Malloy, a federal lawsuit against the State of Connecticut challenging a set of state laws and policies that knowingly and actively prevent students from accessing quality public school options.

Students Matter, the organizational sponsor of Martinez v. Malloy, is a national nonprofit dedicated to promoting access to quality public education through impact litigation, communications and advocacy. In addition to Martinez v. Malloy, Students Matter has filed two lawsuits in California: Vergara v. California, which challenged California’s teacher employment policies including teacher tenure, and Doe v. Antiochwhich is focused on meaningful teacher evaluations. Through the lawsuits, Students Matter has drawn national attention to the importance of teacher quality and ignited a conversation around the need for policies that are in the best interests of kids.

Press Materials

Media Contact

To set up an individual briefing on the case and/or to schedule media interviews, please contact Manny Rivera at or (323) 892-2080.

 Statements of Support

Jennifer Alexander | CEO, Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now (ConnCAN)

Jennifer Alexander, ConnCAN“We stand with the plaintiffs in this case who — as other civil rights and social justice advocates before them — are seeking relief from the courts when other methods have failed them. This case is fundamentally about addressing our highly inequitable access to quality schools. Our current state laws knowingly force children to attend chronically failing schools and systematically deny them access to better-performing ones. When all other methods have failed them, the parents have turned to the courts to resolve this unconstitutional inequity. Generations of students have suffered because of barriers that restrict access to quality public school options, especially in areas where our students are most vulnerable. This systemic inequality of opportunity for parents and students who have few other choices hurts everyone over time. Improving these outcomes is a moral and economic imperative.”

Shavar Jeffries | President, Democrats For Education Reform (DFER)

shavar-226x300“We support the four Connecticut parents and families who are choosing to fight to ensure that their students – and students across the state – have access to a high-quality public education, no matter their zip code. Every child deserves the chance to fulfill his or her limitless potential, and while it’s unfortunate the families had to turn to the courts in order to receive the equitable opportunities they are entitled to, we stand with them in their commitment to addressing one of the greatest civil rights and social justice issues of our time. We look forward to this case’s next steps and are hopeful that Connecticut’s students and their best interests will prevail.”