The California Court of Appeal reverses the historic Superior Court ruling in Vergara v. California, and acknowledges the severe harms to California students. Read newspaper editorial boards’ reactions to the flawed ruling here.

The California Court of Appeal hears oral argument in the appeal of the groundbreaking education equality lawsuit, Vergara v. California. Learn more and listen to the argument here.

The nine student plaintiffs file their merits brief, marking their first major milestone in the appellate phase of the Vergara lawsuit. Read Students Matter’s statement here.

Both the State and California’s two largest teachers unions file their Opening Brief to the California Court of Appeal. Read Students Matter’s response here.

California’s teachers unions file appeal vowing to defend the harmful statutes challenged in Vergara v. California. Read Students Matter’s response.

State of California appeals Vergara, continuing its defense of unconstitutional statutes. Read the San Francisco Chronicle editorial.

Renowned constitutional law scholar Laurence Tribe joins Students Matter as an advisor. Read his op-ed.

Victory for students! Court issues a historic decision in Vergara v. California, finding all five Challenged Statutes unconstitutional. Learn more on the Students Matter Victory page.

In a full courtroom at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles, the parties in Vergara v. California present their closing arguments. View Plaintiffs’ presentation.

Court denies State Defendants’ and Intervenors’ motions for judgment, allowing the case to continue in the Los Angeles Superior Court. View the Trial Tracker for a statement from Plaintiffs’ lead co-counsel Theodore J. Boutrous.

Plaintiffs rest their case in Vergara v. California following four weeks of testimony. State Defendants and Intervenors file motions for judgment with the Court in an effort to end the trial immediately and avoid a ruling on the merits of the case. View the Trial Tracker for highlights summing up the first four weeks of trial.

Trial begins. Explore the Vergara v. California Trial Tracker for courtroom videos, quotes from testimony, expert witness presentations and infographics from each day of trial.

California Court of Appeal denies the State’s and Unions’ final effort to avoid trial. Trial will begin January 27. Read our statement.

The Court denies the State’s and Unions’ motions for summary judgment, allowing the case to proceed to trial. Read the release.

Plaintiffs file their opposition brief to the State’s and Unions’ motions for summary judgment, asking the Court to dismiss the State’s and Unions’ baseless efforts to avoid a trial. Read the press release.

The state and the teachers’ unions file motions for summary judgment, revealing the true intent behind the sham dismissal bill AB 375: to avoid trial in Vergara v. California. Read our statement.

Plaintiffs dismiss Alum Rock Union School District and Los Angeles Unified School District from the case. Read press coverage.

The two largest teachers unions in California, the California Teachers Association and the California Federation of Teachers, choose to join Vergara v. California as defendants. Read more.

The California Superior Court sets the start date for the Vergara v. California trial for January 27, 2014.

The California Court of Appeal denies the State’s petition to review the Superior Court’s decision to reject the State’s motion to dismiss the Plaintiffs’ complaint. Plaintiffs’ constitutional claims once again have a green light to move forward to trial. Read statements from Plaintiff’s attorney Theodore J. Boutrous and Students Matter founder Dave Welch.

In the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in downtown Los Angeles, Judge Rolf M. Treu hears arguments from Defendants’ attorneys in favor of the demurrers and from Plaintiffs’ attorneys against the demurrers. Local education reform advocates, parents and teachers gather at the courthouse to support the plaintiffs and the case. After the hearing, the court adopts the tentative ruling as final. Read the official press release from the hearing.

The California Superior Court for Los Angeles County issues a tentative ruling prior to the hearing for the demurrers, overruling the defendants’ demurrers and giving our groundbreaking case the green light to move forward to trial. Read the tentative ruling.

Plaintiffs file their opposition to the Defendants’ demurrers, urging the court to allow the case to proceed. Read the brief.

Alum Rock Union School District files a demurrer. Read the brief.

The State Defendants file demurrers, motions asking the court to dismiss the case. Read the brief.

A ninth plaintiff joins the case. Plaintiffs file the First Amended Complaint, adding Oakland Unified to the case’s list of defendants. Read the First Amended Complaint.

With the help of Students Matter, eight California public school children represented by attorneys from the law firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher file suit against the State of California and two individual school districts, Los Angeles Unified and Alum Rock Union, in the California Superior Court for Los Angeles County. Read the official press release about the launch of the case.

Education reform advocate, public school investor, Silicon Valley entrepreneur and parent Dave Welch founds the nonprofit organization Students Matter. Hear more from Dave.