Kids First Conversations

Students Matter has partnered with former U.S. Congressman George Miller for a statewide event series called the Kids First Conversations. Hosted by Congressman Miller and Students Matter policy director Ben Austin, the events convene local parents, teachers, students, school administrators, local elected officials, civil rights leaders and education advocates to engage in meaningful conversation about the future of public education in California. While the events contain a teacher quality focal point, the conversations expand far beyond the themes central to Students Matter’s groundbreaking first case Vergara v. California.

The court’s landmark decision in Vergara v. California issued a clear and urgent mandate to redesign California’s teacher employment laws to ensure all students have equal access to effective teachers. Students Matter’s Kids First Conversations provide a venue for all stakeholders to take a seat at the table to reimagine not only California’s teacher employment laws but our entire public school system. The dialogue and ideas from participants at the roundtable event will inform a report for Sacramento lawmakers on what a kids-first education agenda truly means to Californians across the state.

Students Matter has held events so far in Sacramento, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Fresno, San Diego and Oakland.

We want to hear from you! Let us know if you think Kids First Conversations should come to your community!