Research Database

Vergara v. California “The Irreplaceables: Understanding the Real Retention Crisis in America’s Urban Schools.” The New Teacher Project (2012).

Teacher Layoff Process

This report spells out the very low likelihood that schools will be able to replace high quality teachers upon their dismissal under a seniority-based layoff system. It also presents the case that schools that practice smart retention practices improve the quality of their instructional teams. The “smart retention” action areas the report offers include making retention of good teachers a top priority, strengthening the teaching profession through higher expectations. Concrete ways schools can retain effective teachers are discussed in detail within these two areas.

Vergara v. California “The Case Against Quality-Blind Teacher Layoffs: Why Layoff Policies that Ignore Teacher Quality Need to End Now.” The New Teacher Project (February 2011).

Teacher Layoff Process

This report summarizes and analyzes two recent studies that demonstrate that more than 80 percent of seniority-based layoffs would result in better teachers leaving classrooms and worse teachers staying. It includes an explanation of how seniority-based layoffs hurt schools serving poor students the most. It also cites data to show how many teachers agree that multiple factors—not just seniority—should be considered in the layoff process.

Vergara v. California Sepe, Cristina and Marguerite Roza. “The Disproportionate Impact of Seniority-Based Layoffs on Poor, Minority Students.” Center on Reinventing Public Education (May 20, 2010).

Teacher Layoff Process

This report analyzes the impact of massive seniority-based layoffs’ disproportionate effect on newer teachers in poorer, high-minority communities. Using national examples from districts including LAUSD, the report also includes information about how seniority-based layoffs exacerbate the number of people who lose their jobs because districts have to layoff more teachers with low salaries to meet budgetary demands.