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Vergara v. California Teacher Policy Team on Career Pathways. “STEP: Supporting Teachers as Empowered Professionals.” Educators for Excellence (June 2013).

Teacher Tenure

The Educators 4 Excellence-Los Angeles (E4E-LA) Teacher Policy Team on Career Pathways offers state leaders a toolkit of strategies intended to elevate the teacher profession through methods that reward and empower effective teachers by expanding their influence to their peers and students. These recommendations follow the emergence of new evaluation systems designed to provide greater depth in the understanding of a teacher’s effectiveness, and they attempt to answer the question: what should we do after we evaluate teachers?

Vergara v. California “Earned, Not Given: Transforming Teacher Tenure.” Communities for Teaching Excellence (May 2012).

Teacher Tenure

This brief describes the tenure system as it applies to public school teachers. It also includes concise recommendations for tenure reform, starting with a reframing of the tenure approval process to be “a real evaluation of teacher quality and a deliberate decision about whether a probationary teacher should be granted this status—and the additional due process rights tenure brings—in a school system.”